Monday, June 12, 2017

Be Strong...

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"Finally, my [sisters], be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.  Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." - Ephesians 6: 10-12

"The war goes on.  It is waged across the world over the issues of agency and compulsion.  It is waged by an army of missionaries over the issues of truth and error.  It is waged in our own lives, day in and day out, in our homes, in our work, in our school associations; it is waged over questions of love and respect, of loyalty and fidelity, of obedience and integrity.  We are all involved in it - [women and girls], each of us.  We are winning, and the future never looked brighter."
- President Gordon B. Hinckley

The war is here, we are fighting it every day.  We know one thing for certain and that is that God's side WILL win.  Girls, I love you!  It's time for camp!!  Come and join us and enlist in God's Army and His cause.  Come and learn how to arm yourselves against the power of the destroyer and leave camp "Battle Ready".  We need an Army to stand up for truth and righteousness in this world.  We need YOU!  
- Love, Sister Landers

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Be Still...

When people fight in wars, they take breaks from the fighting so they can regain their strength. Racers and exercise enthusiasts give their muscles breaks so they can build back up. After the Youth Cultural Celebration I bet more than a few of you slept well...But with the battle between ourselves and the world, do we take appropriate "breaks?" Do we turn off electronics, kneel on our knees and refresh our testimonies and replenish our spiritual strength? We need to take time to be still, to quietly build our our inner reserves so we may fight again when needed.

Be still, and know that I am God.
Sister Rhinehart

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Stand ye in holy places...

“What you choose to think and do when you are alone and you believe no one is watching is a strong measure of your virtue.”5 Be courageous! Be strong! “Stand ye in holy places, and be not moved.”6
Young [women], I promise the Lord will empower you. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power.”7
- Gary L. Stevenson

Today more than ever you young women have temptations your parents couldn't even have dreamed about.  The technology that you have did not exist when your parents were your age.  You have evil lurking at the touch of a button.  Heaven takes notice of these temptations and records your actions.  When you are alone and know that no one is watching what you do, what do you do?  Be strong girls!!  God needs a powerful army and he is counting on you to help push back the evil in this world.  Stand for what is right!  Even when no one is watching you need to know that unseen beings ARE watching.  You can fight evil by not giving into temptations and choosing goodness.  We are counting on you girls!!  Future generations are counting on you!  I promise you that as you strive to become virtuous you will become a powerful warrior in God's army and that He will be able to bless you with all of the gifts and blessings that are available to you as one of His children.  I love you girls!

-Love Sister Landers

Monday, May 22, 2017

Stay Vigilant

"So, as we enter the final climactic stages of the war against Satan, be sober, my young friends.
Understand that you cannot partake of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. You cannot participate in
pornography or other immoral activity. You cannot lie, cheat, or steal. You cannot use false,
demeaning, or dirty language. You cannot deface your body with tattoos and other piercings. You
cannot do these things and be victorious in the battle for your own soul, let alone be a valiant warrior in the great struggle for the souls of all the rest of our Father's children."

- Elder James J. Hamula

I love you girls! I feel so PROUD to even get to be associated with you! You really are the Lords elect daughters, and warriors in His army. EVERY SINGLE DAY you will need to fight!!! Satan will NOT stop attacking until Jesus comes and puts an end to it. You cannot stop defending your soul or fighting against evil that is flooding this earth.

A friend of mine was at the ocean with some youth when two of them unknowingly swam into a riptide. Within seconds the riptide began pulling them rapidly out to sea. Less than a minute had passed when my friend noticed, yelled for help, and had trained lifeguards on motorized rescue vessels to save them. It took nearly an hour before the two were safely on the beach. Just a second of not being vigilant...literally unrecognizable to them, and they were in mortal danger. Satan is even more subtle and deadly than the strongest riptide! We must watch, pray and fight for our souls. It will be worth it in the end.
Can't wait to be with you at camp!!!


Sister Rhinehart

Monday, May 15, 2017

Our Best Defense

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"The best defense we have against being fooled by Satan's counterfeits is to be as familiar as possible with truths of the gospel.  The more deeply we know the truth, the easier it will be to spot the differences when Satan presents us with his counterfeits."
- Dennis C. Gaunt  (April 2016 Ensign - Recognizing Satan's Counterfeits)

Having read the scriptures over and over and studied many of its stories, I have learned something valuable in the way that Satan operates.  The scriptures are full of examples of anti-Christs.  They are all different, yet all are similar in some way.  Many times they will use the tactic to tell you partial truths.  They will teach things that will flatter the people and usually they are very good at public speaking and can easily persuade others to listen because of the powerful speech that they use.  For example, in the Book of Mormon, Nehor is an anti-Christ.  In Alma 1:4, Nehor states that the Lord has created all men (TRUE) and that the Lord has also redeemed all men (TRUE) and that all men will have eternal life (LIE).  Nehor tells partial truths to confuse them in order to get them to believe in the lie….it just sounds so good.  Many believed his words and started to pay him money to hear him preach and were led away.  It is important to learn to recognize this tactic in our own lives.  We are surrounded by millions of different influences each day, whether it be news, social media, friends, school, etc.  There are many things that can persuade us one way or another.  Learn to recognize Satan's trick where he will tell a few truths and then mix in a lie.  It's incredible how prominent this tactic is in our culture.  Don't be lured in by his illusions!!  Study the gospel and learn the truth.  You will be able to have the spirit with you as you study the truth and therefore be able to recognize Satan's subtleties and counterfeits.  I love you girls!  Put on your armor!!
- Love, Sister Landers

Monday, May 8, 2017

Knowledge- A powerful tool

Knowledge is a powerful tool we can use to combat Satan, but only if we USE it.  Knowing and doing are two different things.  The Lord has blessed each of us with so many ways that we can obtain knowledge but it is completely up to us whether we get it, and whether we use it.

Here's an example: your mom can tell you not to run in the street. You can say "I know!" But then, if you choose to run in the street anyway, you may get runover! Knowing… Doing… Two different, very important things. Get the knowledge! Apply the knowledge! That is how we will win the war against Satan.

Love Sister Rhinehart

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spiritual counterfeits.. Can you spot them?

( Nisan 14 )  An illustration from a mid-19th century print showing Judas bestowing the betrayer's kiss on Jesus while Roman soldiers look on. © Stefano Bianchetti/Corbis Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver, and his name has been synonymous with greedy treachery ever since.10 of History's Most Notorious Traitors - HowStuffWorks:

"The Book of Mormon is filled with examples of spiritual counterfeiters, who followed Satan's methods of lying and deceiving others for their own gain.  By studying their tricks ad tactics, we begin to notice their mistakes and errors in the same way a trained eye begins to notice the difference between genuine and counterfeit currency.  The more we train our eye to identify the differences, the better prepared we will be to expose the counterfeiters of today and resist their lies."
- Dennis C. Gaunt (April Ensign 2014, Recognizing Satan's Counterfeits)

Girls, it is crucial that you learn to recognize the counterfeits of Satan.  He is the father of all lies.  Satan will tell you one thing and do another, while Jesus Christ will actually do what he says.  Even as an adult I have had to learn to see through counterfeits, especially with friends.  I have had many experiences where I have been betrayed by those who I thought were my friends.  In reality, these individuals were never really my friend, but were using me for their own purposes.  The pain of being betrayed is awful, it hurts on the inside and isn't easy to fix.  I often think of our Savior and how he was betrayed by one of his twelve apostles, Judas Iscariot.  In order to get money, Judas betrayed the Savior by kissing Him on the cheek in front of some of the soldiers so they would know who Jesus was and arrest Him.  How heartbreaking this must have been for our Savior to be betrayed by someone he thought was His friend.  
It is important for us to understand what the atonement of Jesus Christ really is and how it applies to each one of us as daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves us without condition. Christ's atonement is something very personal and powerful.  When we really understand His atonement we will be better equipped to recognize Satan's counterfeits and to stay as far away from them as possible.  Satan's only goal is to drag you down into an endless misery.  
- Love, Sister Landers

Monday, April 24, 2017

Fight the good Fight

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"And so we say to all those who have in like manner taken upon themselves the name of Christ and enlisted in the cause of Truth and righteousness:  be valiant.  Fight the good fight.  Stand true.  Keep the commandments.  Overcome the world."
- Bruce R. McConkie

Some of the people in Nephi's vision made it to the tree, ate the fruit, and then began to look around and left the tree for the world.  Don't be that girl!

God made you to be a strong and righteous woman.  Satan knows that and he wants you.  Stay close to Jesus.  CLING to Him!  He will win in the end.  Let's all be on His side when he does.

Loving and praying for you daily.
Love, Sister Rhinehart

Monday, April 17, 2017

Can you Endure like the Pioneers?

pioneers and angels in snow

“I have pulled my handcart when I was so weak and weary from illness and lack of food that I could hardly put one foot ahead of the other. I have looked ahead and seen a patch of sand or a hill slope and I said I can go only that far and there I must give up for I cannot pull my load through it. I have gone on to that sand and when I reached it, the cart began pushing me. I have looked back many times to see who was pushing my cart but my eyes saw no one. I knew then that the angels of God were there." - Francis Webster

When speaking of the handcart pioneers, Elder Rasband said, "It is important to join forces and pull together.  You are not out on the mountainsides in the winter….You need your strength to withstand the buffetings that will continue to come at you and at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Why?  Because these are the last days and Satan is running out of time.  He is throwing everything he has out there to catch the attention of God's children, to draw them and us off, to stymie their progress, to conflict their very souls."

When it comes to endurance I can't help but think of our pioneers.  They not only left their homes but their country!  All because of their testimony in God and our Savior and their hope in a new world.  I can't imagine the sacrifice.  Many left their families because they simply didn't have the money to send everyone.  For some, it was the last time they saw their families here on earth.  What a heartbreaking scene on those foreign docks.  Then, they arrive in the United States to be hated and driven out, forced to flee across the continent to an unknown desert.  The trials they must have faced are unimaginable.  They had nothing but sheer grit and determination as they placed one foot in front of the other and ENDURED hardship after hardship to arrive in the Salt Lake valley.  Let us honor their legacy by placing one foot in front of the other and enduring our trials until we make it back to our Heavenly Father.  If we can join forces and pull the load together, then our burdens will be lighter and enduring together will make us stronger.  
- Love Sister Landers

Monday, April 10, 2017

Don't you Quit

"My dear [sisters], because of the wave of confusion and doubt spreading throughout the world today, we must hold ever more tightly to our testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Then will our ability to defend to truth and justice greatly increase.  We will win the daily battles against evil, and, rather than fall on the battlefields of life, we will rally others to the Master's standards."
                - Elder Ulisses Soares

Summer 2005 was a pure test and trial for me.  I won’t go into the details, but I remember praying and telling Heavenly Father that I was done!  I could NOT handle ANYmore.  Shortly after this prayer, several new and VERY hard trials hit me at the same time.  I felt CRUSHED!  I honestly didn’t think I could handle it.  I remember sitting in a cafe in Oregon the night before my little brother’s funeral feeling desolate!  And then I remembered these words…(How Firm A Foundation Hymn #85)

When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,
My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply.
The flame shall not hurt thee; I only design
Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine.

Looking back, I see the benefit of enduring.  I didn’t think I could, but I did and I grew.  “You keep walking.  You keep trying…”  And so we do.  And so we are blessed.

I love you and pray for you in your trials.

Sister Rhinehart

Monday, April 3, 2017

Endure to the end

"You will have those who take issue with your determination to follow the will of the Lord.  We see it all around us as attacks on religious freedom increase.  Stay the course, brothers and sisters.  Hold fast to the Lord's commandments - even in the face of challenges from unbelievers."
- Elder Ronald A. Rasband

When I was in high school, I was one of 9 members of the church.  We had over a 1,000 students so needless to say, I was REALLY a minority.  Everyone knew who was a Mormon.  Everyone also seemed to know the basics about what Mormons "COULDN'T" do.  I am not sure why, but one boy in particular seemed to single me out and harass me about my religion.  He was an atheist, which is someone who does not believe in a God.  He believed in science and that we were part of evolution from the "Big Bang".  He was on the track team with me and so I had the opportunity of seeing him every day after school.  He continually questioned me with things like, "How can you believe in a God?  Have you seen Him?  How can you be such a fool to believe in a story a 14 year old boy made up?  How can you believe that Joe Smith actually found gold plates?  You are a smart person, it surprises me how dumb you can be.  You really are ignorant."  I found myself constantly having to defend my religion.  It was hard because I was the only LDS person on the team and everyone around would listen to my answers.  It was very stressful and I found it being rather embarrassing.  Many kids on the team would say things like, "I didn’t know that you believed in that!"  After a few weeks of this constant harassment and persecution, my friends and acquaintances from the team started defending me without me asking.  They started defending my faith and my right to choose to believe how I wanted.  I soon found that I had many people on my side, unlike I thought in the beginning.  The boy never fully left me alone and always hated me throughout high school.  Enduring this harassment was difficult and exhausting.  This experience strengthened my foundation to my testimony.  The more I had to defend what I believed, the firmer my conviction in the truthfulness of our church became.  "And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved." - Matthew 10:22  I know that if we can endure the hardships that face us because of what we believe, we will not be able to count the blessings that we receive.  

- Love, Sister Landers

Monday, March 27, 2017

Unwavering Courage

"Abinadi was a man of unwavering courage who stood for truth when it was unpopular to do so. As he courageously called the people to repentance, he knew his own life was in jeopardy. In your mind's eye, you can see the riveting scene of Abinadi, who has just had the death sentence pronounced upon him. He had an opportunity to save himself by denying his faith and testimony, but instead he fearlessly proclaimed, I say unto you, I will not recall the words which I have spoken unto you concerning this people, for they are true."

                                                                   - W. Craig Zwick

"I remind all of us that we are Latter-Day Saints. We have made covenants with our Heavenly Father,
sacred and binding. Those covenants, if we keep them, will make us better fathers and mothers better
sons and daughters.

I believe that others will rally around us if we will do so. We can stand for truth and goodness, and we will not stand alone. Moreover, we shall have the unseen forces of heaven to assist us."

- President Gordon B. Hinckley

Sometimes we hear the quote from the scripture in 2 Kings 6:16, "Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them." Sometimes I think we expect that since we have more people on the side of righteousness that nothing bad can or will happen to us. Lets look at Abinadi, Abinadi was a man of conviction and had the courage to stand up for what he believed, even after he was sentenced to death. The priests of King Noah took Abinadi and bound him (notice the angels did not help him escape), and lit him on fire (notice the angels did not protect him from death). I do want you to notice that when the flames began to scorch him, he prophesied unto the King and the priests that they would suffer death by fire just like him. I sometimes wonder if the angels made it possible for Abinadi to continue his prophesying and surrounded him while he testified of Christ and called them to repentance. Sisters, we are not alone. When we stand for what is right, we are never alone. There is an army of angels that stand with us. God's army will always be bigger than Satan's. Let us take courage as we stand for what is right and always remember that an unseen power will aid me and you in the glorious cause of truth."

Love, Sister Landers

Monday, March 20, 2017

Dare to Stand Alone

Dare to be a Mormon;

Dare to stand alone.

Dare to have a purpose firm;

Dare to make it known.

Courage comes in many forms. Wrote the Christian author Charles Swindoll: "Courage is not limited to the battlefield…or bravely catching a thief in your house. The real tests of courage are much quieter."
"They are inner tests, like remaining faithful when no one is looking,…like standing alone when you are misunderstood; I would add that this inner courage also includes doing the right thing even though we may be afraid, defending our beliefs at the risk of being ridiculed, and maintaining those beliefs even when threatened with a loss of friends or of social status. He who stands steadfastly for that which is right must risk becoming at times disapproved and unpopular."

- President Thomas S. Monson

Have you ever had an experience where you had to stand up for something and you stood alone?

Recently I have experienced this very thing. I was surrounded by a group of people who felt one way
and I was the only person in the room who felt differently. In order to be true to myself and my beliefs I had to tell the others that I disagreed with them and why. I remember before I shared my opinion I said a quick prayer to my Heavenly Father. I asked for help from my ancestors and any angels who could help me have the courage I needed to have to stand alone and to help me express my opinion in a pleasing way. I was able to stand up for my beliefs but things were not easy for me. After I shared my position I was treated poorly from some of those who disagreed with me. I was ignored and isolated and made to feel very alone. This lasted for over a year. I finally had to gather more courage to confront the individuals who were treating me bad. Things have gotten better since then, but I
understand how alone we can sometimes feel when we choose to stand up for our beliefs. In pondering about courage to stand up for our beliefs, I think of Captain Moroni and his Title of Liberty. Moroni had the courage to stand up and defend the truth during war, when the entire Nephite nation was under attack and his own life was being threatened. The book of Alma states that if all were like Moroni, the very powers of hell would be shaken forever and the devil would have no power over the hearts of the children of men. Let us strive to be courageous like Moroni to stand up for truth, defend the gospel and win the war against evil.

- Love, Sister Landers

Monday, March 13, 2017

Courage is an Action Word

Image result for fork in the road
"Now there neither are nor can be any neutrals in this war.  Every member of the Church is on one side or the other.

"….In this war all who do not stand forth courageously and valiantly are by that fact alone aiding the cause of the enemy.

"We are either for the Church or we are against it.  We either take its part or we take the consequences.  We cannot survive spiritually with one foot in the Church and the other in the world.  We must make the choice.  It is either the Church or the world.  There is no middle ground.  And the Lord loves a courageous [young woman] who fights openly and boldly in his army."
- Bruce R. McConkie

There is a story of a college student who was given a one question essay exam.  

The essay question was "What is courage?"

The student wrote two words…"This is."….and he turned in his test.

We can talk and learn about courage all we want, but at the end of the day, courage is about action.  It's about standing when everyone else is laying down.  It's about running when everyone else walks.  It's about speaking up for what we believe when everyone around us in shouting us down.  It's about befriending the friendless.  It's about following Jesus Christ when the world is run by Satan and his minions.  True courage is action.  Take courage…. Take ACTION.
- Love, Sister Rhinehart

Monday, March 6, 2017

Be Strong & of Good Courage

Steve Nethercott -

"God bless you, my dear young friends  You are the best generation we have ever had.  You know the gospel better.  You are more faithful in your duties.  You are stronger to face the temptations which come your way.  Live by your standards.  Pray for the guidance and protection of the Lord.  He will never leave you alone.  He will comfort you.  He will sustain you.  He will bless you and magnify you and make your reward sweet and beautiful.  And you will discover that your example will attract others who will take courage from your strength.  

"As it is with the youth, so it is with you adults.  If we are to hold up this Church as an ensign to the nations and a light to the world, we must take on more of the luster of the life of Christ individually and in our own personal circumstances.  In standing for the right, we must not be fearful of the consequences.  We must never be afraid.  Said Paul to Timothy:
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord. (2 Timothy 1:7-8)
Gordon B. Hinckley

I had an experience in High School that changed me.  Every day when the bell rang between classes, a skinny, short boy with glasses would run as fast as he could down the halls to his next class.  And by run, I mean RUN.  He had his black corduroy pants hiked up way past his belly button, white button down shirt half tucked in and half not, blond hair slicked back to his head, really thick glasses that even had tape down the middle, and tennis shoes.  He was considered a "Nerd".  He played the part well, running down the halls, frantic to get to his next class, and knocking people aside with his backpack.  He drew attention to himself by his actions, and the popular group of boys noticed and formulated a plan.  One day, as he was running down the hall, this group of popular boys grabbed him and put him behind a door to the stairway, so he was wedged in the triangle behind the open door.  Their goal was to make him tardy so he would quit running into them with his backpack.  A crowd gathered, laughing, pointing, and taunting.  The taunting  became severe and very cruel.  I was at my locker and noticed what was going on.  It made me angry.  This boy hadn't done anything wrong.  These boys were being mean.  Yet, they were popular and everyone thought they were funny.  I had a choice to make.  I walked across the hall and told the group of popular boys to open the door and let him out, and that they were being mean.  They laughed at me.  I gathered up every ounce of courage I had and told them to let him out now or I would get a teacher.  They let him go.  The boy ran off, crying, tears running down his face.  It broke my heart to see people treating others so poorly.  Girls, we must take courage in this battle against evil.  It is not easy.  It will not be popular.  You may lose friends, reputation, or social status.  But girls, the reward is worth it.  God's Kingdom is worth it.  Any price we have to pay  for standing up for what is right will be worth it.  
- Sister Landers

Monday, February 27, 2017

Stand tall, Stand together

"The time has come for the [young women] to stand with and for the prophet in helping build the kingdom.  The time has come for us each to stand tall and to stand together."
- Sheri Dew

You know who I like to be united with?  People I like.  But guess what, UNITY means being united with MORE than just those people who are already our friends or who are easy to get along with.  There are two ways you can be when it comes to uniting.  You can sit in the corner and wait for someone to include you, or you can get up and start including others.  So what are you going to do?  GOD’S ARMY…UNITE!  JUST DO IT!  Go out today and start strengthening yourself by uniting with others, even those who you don’t know or get along with already.  

I love you!  I want to unite with you!!!  Together we can build God’s Kingdom and conquer Satan!  
Sister Rhinehart

Monday, February 20, 2017

United as Honey Bees

Image result for bees beehive honey

Honeybees are driven to pollinate, gather nectar, and condense the nectar into honey. It is their magnificent obsession imprinted into their genetic makeup by our Creator. It is estimated that to produce just one pound (0.45 kg) of honey, the average hive of 20,000 to 60,000 bees must collectively visit millions of flowers and travel the equivalent of two times around the world. Over its short lifetime of just a few weeks to four months, a single honeybee’s contribution of honey to its hive is a mere one-twelfth of one teaspoon.

Though seemingly insignificant when compared to the total, each bee’s one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey is vital to the life of the hive. The bees depend on each other. Work that would be overwhelming for a few bees to do becomes lighter because all of the bees faithfully do their part.
- M. Russell Ballard
Heavenly Father has created this earth for us to live in.  It is part of His grand plan for us to become like Him.  Our time here is a test.  Sometimes as we strive to live the gospel and do the many things that we have been asked to do in order to return to our Heavenly Father, we can get overwhelmed.  
A few months ago my mother decided to move here to Idaho Falls from Oregon.  All of my siblings decided to take time to go to Oregon and help our mom pack up the home that we had all grown up in.  We worked hard, taking apart beds, packing boxes and filling the moving truck.  When the job was complete the time came to say goodbye to our home.  It seemed appropriate to kneel in prayer for the last time in our childhood home and thank our Heavenly Father for the memories that we created there.  It was a bittersweet moment.  But as we knelt in our childhood home in a circle, we all felt a bond.  As a family, we had accomplished so much.  We had grown up together there in that home, stayed close as siblings once we moved away, and now had completed the task of moving my mother to another state.  We not only were united as siblings at that moment, but we each felt united in purpose as well.  
As sisters in an army, we need to unite together like the bees in a hive.  We need to work together to complete the work we have been placed here to do.  We can help each other.  By doing our part while all striving for the same goal, our task becomes less daunting and our burden becomes lighter.
- Sister Landers

Monday, February 13, 2017

Don't forget your Wingman

"I spent the majority of my life as a fighter jet pilot in the United Stated Air Force. The men in my squadron remain to this day, a tight knit group, keeping in close touch after 40 years.

In our training as fighter pilots, one of the first and most basic rules was, Take care of your wing man. Constantly check your six o'clock to make certain no enemy is sneaking up behind him.

It is good advice to protect comrades in a fighter squadron, it is great advice to stay close and protect our (Young Women) as we strive to stand firm on the Lord's side."
Robert C. Oaks

As we prepare for Girls Camp, let us prepare by becoming more united. We need to watch out for each other as Robert C. Oaks teachs. How great would it be if you knew someone had your back....always.  How helpful would it be if someone was always making sure that you were safe from our enemies and keeping us out of danger.  We can have this if we strive to be united. As we become united, we become a force. And a force that is powerful. Strive to be a wing man for each other as we unite to be become God's Army.

-Love, Sister Landers

Monday, February 6, 2017

United or Disorganized?

When my kids were little I had a really hard time keeping the house clean.  I would walk into the kitchen to do the dishes I would come back into the living room and it would look like a tornado had just ripped through it!  One day, when talking to my boys, I had him pick up a blanket.  They were on one side of the blanket and I was on the other.  I told them to try and move the blanket over to the couch.  They started walking over to the couch, but they didn't get very far before they were stuck because I was pulling on the other side of that blanket.  I kept encouraging them to take the blanket over to the couch and they kept pulling and pulling but pitted against me, it was not happening.  Finally, in frustration, they gave up and said, "We can't!  You're pulling against us."  I explained to them that this was how I felt with the housework.  I kept trying to clean up, and they kept trying to mess up!  We were not getting anywhere because we were pulling on opposite sides.  I asked them if they would pull with me.  Then we all took the blanket to the couch.  After that, I began using the phrase, "pull with me" in a lot of situations, and I still use it today.
When we pull together, we are able to do amazing things.  Because we are united!  When we pull against each other, or try to thwart somebody else's progress, it stops, not only them, but also us, in our progress.  We must be united with God, and his son Jesus Christ, in moving the world towards Him.  If we are not, then we are pulling against Him.  Unity is key in the army of God!  Join up!  With all of your heart, might, mind, and strength!  United we stand!
-Love, Sister Rhinehart

"We…..are all part of the Army of the Lord.  We must be united.  An army that is disorganized will not be united.  An army that is disorganized will not be victorious.  It is imperative that we close ranks, that we march together as one.  We cannot have division among us and expect victory.  We cannot have disloyalty and expect unity.  We cannot be unclean and expect the help of the Almighty."

- Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, January 30, 2017

Put on the Armor of God

When we choose to obey the commandments of God and the words of our prophet, we not only will receive blessings, but it will become easier to make good choices and choose the right in the future.  As a teenager I was confronted frequently to break the commandments and do things that I knew were against the standards of the church.  I grew up in area where there were not many kids who were LDS.  It was hard to stand up for what was right, especially because no one around me followed those same standards and I felt very alone and unpopular.  When I received my patriarchal blessing I was told that I would be able to recognize Satan's attempts and that when I saw them, that I would provide leadership, hope and peace for my friends.  My blessing said that I would be able help my friends avoid Satan's snares and pitfalls, and that my friends would bless me for it.  Even though it was difficult, I took courage in my blessing.  There were many times when we were invited to participate in things that I knew to be wrong.  When I took a stand and chose to obey the commandments, my friends would follow me and make the same choices, even though none of them were LDS.  Years later I have had friends from high school call me and tell me how glad they were that they made good choices and how it has affected their lives.  I testify that once you stand up for what it right, you are blessed with power from on high and it becomes easier to do what is right.
- Sister Landers

Are we willing to become totally obedient to God's law?  There comes a time in our lives when a definite decision must be made.  We should decide now, in the light of morning, how we will act when the darkness of night and when the storms of temptation arrive.
- Howard W. Hunter

"Yea, and they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them; and I did remember the words which they said unto me that their mothers had taught them." - Alma 57:21

Monday, January 23, 2017

I will go and Do....

There are times when we don’t see the reason to obey a certain prompting, commandment, or directive.  When I was serving a mission in Texas, I was driving home from an appointment with my companion.  We got to an intersection that crossed a 4-lane highway.  It was nearly dark.  I looked both ways.  There was no one coming.  I started to go…and felt strongly that I should step on the gas HARD!  Without a moment hesitation, although I saw no danger, I obeyed the prompting.  Immediately I heard the screeching of brakes and felt the impact of a car as it collided with the back doors of our Ford Taurus.  If I had questioned or waited to see why I had received that prompting, I very likely would not be writing this today.  Certainly not all promptings are life and death…but may of them are even MORE important, because they are the difference between SPIRITUAL life or death.  Girls, that I already love, PLEASE listen and OBEY!  You will see the blessings.

 I love your cute faces and can’t wait to spend the week with you at camp!!!

 Sister Rhinehart

"The Day is coming, more than ever has been the case in the past when we will be under the obligation of making a choice of standing up for the Church, of adhering to its precepts and teachings and principles, of taking the counsel that comes from the apostles and prophets whom God has placed to teach the doctrine and bear witness to the world.  The day is coming when this will be more necessary than has ever been the case in our day or at any time in our dispensation."
                                                - Bruce R. McConkie

"It is important that we make up our minds early in life as to what we will do and what we will not do.  Long before the moment of temptation comes…. We all have different weaknesses and temptations, and we should examine our lives to find out what those weaknesses are and where we should put on the extra armor so we can do what is right and not submit to temptation."

                                                - N. Eldon Tanner

Monday, January 16, 2017

Obedience in all Things

Part of being in any Army is learning obedience.  In an Army it would be disastrous for the troops to go against the Commander in Chief’s orders.  A war is raging today and we, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are members of God’s Army.  We must learn to be obedient and follow our commander in Chief, Thomas S. Monson.  It is crucial in these last days to learn obedience in order to withstand Satan’s attacks.  Friends, be bold.  Do what is right……let the consequence follow.  “Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord.” (2 Timothy 1:8) Love, Sister Landers

“Nephi taught us a powerfully simple principle in recounting his father’s dream of the tree of life.  He described a strait and narrow path leading to a tree and a great and spacious building.  This building was filled with people who were dressed in exceedingly fine and fashionable clothing.  They were all in an attitude of mocking and pointing fingers toward those who were partaking of the fruit.  They were trying to get people off the path and into the building.  From all appearances, the people inside seemed to be having a great time.  What an indelible image of temptation.
The time has come when we must take an unyielding stand.  We must shore up our spiritual underpinnings, listen to the prophets of God, and follow their counsel.  Said Paul to Timothy:  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord.” (2 Timothy 1:7-8)
It requires courage to make good choices, even when others around us choose differently.  As we make righteous choices day by day in little things, the Lord will strengthen us and help us choose the right during more difficult times.”
  • Elder Craig Zwick
“For years I thought the mocking crowd was making fun of the way the faithful live their lives, but the voices from the building today have changed their tone and approach.  Those who mock often try to drown out the simple message of the gospel by attacking some aspect of the Church’s history or offering pointed criticism of a prophet or other leader.  They are attacking the very heart of our doctrine and the law of God, given since the Creation of the earth.  We, as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His Church, must never let go of that iron rod.  We must let the clarion trumpet sound from our own souls.”

  • Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer