Monday, February 13, 2017

Don't forget your Wingman

"I spent the majority of my life as a fighter jet pilot in the United Stated Air Force. The men in my squadron remain to this day, a tight knit group, keeping in close touch after 40 years.

In our training as fighter pilots, one of the first and most basic rules was, Take care of your wing man. Constantly check your six o'clock to make certain no enemy is sneaking up behind him.

It is good advice to protect comrades in a fighter squadron, it is great advice to stay close and protect our (Young Women) as we strive to stand firm on the Lord's side."
Robert C. Oaks

As we prepare for Girls Camp, let us prepare by becoming more united. We need to watch out for each other as Robert C. Oaks teachs. How great would it be if you knew someone had your back....always.  How helpful would it be if someone was always making sure that you were safe from our enemies and keeping us out of danger.  We can have this if we strive to be united. As we become united, we become a force. And a force that is powerful. Strive to be a wing man for each other as we unite to be become God's Army.

-Love, Sister Landers

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