Monday, February 27, 2017

Stand tall, Stand together

"The time has come for the [young women] to stand with and for the prophet in helping build the kingdom.  The time has come for us each to stand tall and to stand together."
- Sheri Dew

You know who I like to be united with?  People I like.  But guess what, UNITY means being united with MORE than just those people who are already our friends or who are easy to get along with.  There are two ways you can be when it comes to uniting.  You can sit in the corner and wait for someone to include you, or you can get up and start including others.  So what are you going to do?  GOD’S ARMY…UNITE!  JUST DO IT!  Go out today and start strengthening yourself by uniting with others, even those who you don’t know or get along with already.  

I love you!  I want to unite with you!!!  Together we can build God’s Kingdom and conquer Satan!  
Sister Rhinehart

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