Monday, January 23, 2017

I will go and Do....

There are times when we don’t see the reason to obey a certain prompting, commandment, or directive.  When I was serving a mission in Texas, I was driving home from an appointment with my companion.  We got to an intersection that crossed a 4-lane highway.  It was nearly dark.  I looked both ways.  There was no one coming.  I started to go…and felt strongly that I should step on the gas HARD!  Without a moment hesitation, although I saw no danger, I obeyed the prompting.  Immediately I heard the screeching of brakes and felt the impact of a car as it collided with the back doors of our Ford Taurus.  If I had questioned or waited to see why I had received that prompting, I very likely would not be writing this today.  Certainly not all promptings are life and death…but may of them are even MORE important, because they are the difference between SPIRITUAL life or death.  Girls, that I already love, PLEASE listen and OBEY!  You will see the blessings.

 I love your cute faces and can’t wait to spend the week with you at camp!!!

 Sister Rhinehart

"The Day is coming, more than ever has been the case in the past when we will be under the obligation of making a choice of standing up for the Church, of adhering to its precepts and teachings and principles, of taking the counsel that comes from the apostles and prophets whom God has placed to teach the doctrine and bear witness to the world.  The day is coming when this will be more necessary than has ever been the case in our day or at any time in our dispensation."
                                                - Bruce R. McConkie

"It is important that we make up our minds early in life as to what we will do and what we will not do.  Long before the moment of temptation comes…. We all have different weaknesses and temptations, and we should examine our lives to find out what those weaknesses are and where we should put on the extra armor so we can do what is right and not submit to temptation."

                                                - N. Eldon Tanner

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