Monday, May 22, 2017

Stay Vigilant

"So, as we enter the final climactic stages of the war against Satan, be sober, my young friends.
Understand that you cannot partake of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. You cannot participate in
pornography or other immoral activity. You cannot lie, cheat, or steal. You cannot use false,
demeaning, or dirty language. You cannot deface your body with tattoos and other piercings. You
cannot do these things and be victorious in the battle for your own soul, let alone be a valiant warrior in the great struggle for the souls of all the rest of our Father's children."

- Elder James J. Hamula

I love you girls! I feel so PROUD to even get to be associated with you! You really are the Lords elect daughters, and warriors in His army. EVERY SINGLE DAY you will need to fight!!! Satan will NOT stop attacking until Jesus comes and puts an end to it. You cannot stop defending your soul or fighting against evil that is flooding this earth.

A friend of mine was at the ocean with some youth when two of them unknowingly swam into a riptide. Within seconds the riptide began pulling them rapidly out to sea. Less than a minute had passed when my friend noticed, yelled for help, and had trained lifeguards on motorized rescue vessels to save them. It took nearly an hour before the two were safely on the beach. Just a second of not being vigilant...literally unrecognizable to them, and they were in mortal danger. Satan is even more subtle and deadly than the strongest riptide! We must watch, pray and fight for our souls. It will be worth it in the end.
Can't wait to be with you at camp!!!


Sister Rhinehart

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