Monday, March 13, 2017

Courage is an Action Word

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"Now there neither are nor can be any neutrals in this war.  Every member of the Church is on one side or the other.

"….In this war all who do not stand forth courageously and valiantly are by that fact alone aiding the cause of the enemy.

"We are either for the Church or we are against it.  We either take its part or we take the consequences.  We cannot survive spiritually with one foot in the Church and the other in the world.  We must make the choice.  It is either the Church or the world.  There is no middle ground.  And the Lord loves a courageous [young woman] who fights openly and boldly in his army."
- Bruce R. McConkie

There is a story of a college student who was given a one question essay exam.  

The essay question was "What is courage?"

The student wrote two words…"This is."….and he turned in his test.

We can talk and learn about courage all we want, but at the end of the day, courage is about action.  It's about standing when everyone else is laying down.  It's about running when everyone else walks.  It's about speaking up for what we believe when everyone around us in shouting us down.  It's about befriending the friendless.  It's about following Jesus Christ when the world is run by Satan and his minions.  True courage is action.  Take courage…. Take ACTION.
- Love, Sister Rhinehart

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